Developing SQL Databases (2016)


About this course Prepares you for exam 70-761 This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. The course focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server 2016 product features and tools related to developing a database. Audience profile The primary audience for this course is IT Professionals who want to become skilled on SQL Server 2016 product features and technologies for implementing a database. The secondary audiences for this course are individuals who are developers from other product platforms looking to become skilled in the implementation of a SQL Server 2016 database.


Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality. Working knowledge of Transact-SQL. Working knowledge of relational databases.

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40 H

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Module 1: Introduction to Database Development
Module 2: Designing and Implementing Tables
Module 3: Advanced Table Designs
Module 4: Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints
Module 5: Introduction to Indexes
Module 6: Designing Optimized Index Strategies
Module 7: Columnstore Indexes
Module 8: Designing and Implementing Views
Module 9: Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures
Module 10: Designing and Implementing User-Defined Functions
Module 11: Responding to Data Manipulation via Triggers
Module 12: Using In-Memory Tables
Module 13: Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server
Module 14: Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server
Module 15: Storing and Querying Spatial Data in SQL Server
Module 16: Storing and Querying BLOBs and Text Documents in SQL Server
Module 17: SQL Server Concurrency
Module 18: Performance and Monitoring